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        MAANSHAN Haitian heavy industry technology development Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2004. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the concept of talent first, encouraging talents at all levels to show themselves, strive for excellence, make continuous breakthroughs, be self-confident, self-reliance, respect personality, trust each other, give full play to individual advantages, work together and provide satisfaction and happiness for everyone, the team and customers.

        1、 Recruitment requirements, employment conditions and treatment






        Casting Engineer (1 person)

        1. More than 8 years of experience in the foundry industry, master the main materials of cast iron, smelting ingredients, process control, quality control, raw material control and emergency treatment of smelting site events;

        2. Be able to solve the actual problems in the production process, predict and analyze the causes of casting material defects and defective products, and issue solutions.

        3. Familiar with relevant office software and drawing software.

        College degree or above in materials, metallurgy and casting


        Quality Engineer (1 person)

        1. At least 3 years quality inspection experience in machinery and casting industry

        2. Be familiar with dimensional measurement in casting industry, and master various measuring tools and means.

        3. Familiar with quality system certification.

        College degree or above in machinery or casting


        Safety Engineer (1 person)

        1. Good health, hardworking, strong sense of responsibility, enthusiasm for work, strong execution, and certain team leadership;

        2. Good communication and cooperation skills, proficient in using computer office software

        3. At least 5 years of experience in production safety management, familiar with national safety production guidelines, policies, laws, standards and regulations, and served as project safety manager;

        4. Have the basic knowledge and skills required for this post, hold the safety assessment certificate C issued by the competent construction department, and the registered safety engineer and registered constructor are preferred.

        College degree or above in safety management


        Electrical Engineer (1 person)

        1. Electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design and electrical component selection.

        2 have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills.

        3 be able to skillfully operate AutoCAD and 3D design software

        College degree or above in electronics, electrical or related majors


        Equipment technical supervisor (2 persons)

        1 be familiar with equipment inspection, repair and maintenance, ensure normal operation of equipment and prolong service life of equipment.

        2. Implementation of equipment upgrading and transformation project.

        College degree or above in mechanical related major


        General Management Clerk (1 person)

        1. Be proficient in using all kinds of automatic office equipment and office software.

        2. Be familiar with the writing of various official documents, with fast word processing speed, skilled use of the Internet and familiar with document management.

        College Degree


        Electrician and fitter (several)

        Technical secondary school or above


        Forklift worker (1 person)

        1. More than 1 year working experience, forklift operation certificate

        2. Aged 25-50 years old, in good physical condition


        General workers (several)


        2、 Place of work

        Bowang District, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province.

        3、 Welfare benefits

        1. social insurance: social insurance shall be paid upon employment;

        2. Paid annual leave: enjoy national legal annual leave and company welfare annual leave;

        3. Training: professional skills improvement training;

        4. Others: free annual physical examination, staff dormitory, commuter bus, holiday benefits, and group tourism activities for excellent employees.

        4、 Contact information

        HR Department Hotline: 0555-7160393

        Recruitment email: ahhtzg@163.com   hrservice@ht -hi. com



        Tel: 0555-6971188

        Fax: 0555-6971198

        Email: info@mashthi.com

        Address: New Material Industrial Park, Bowang high tech Zone, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province

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